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About Us

In 1986, a little boy named Jared was born. As his parents searched for daycare, they were met with disappointment and frustration: none of the centers they visited provided the safe, clean, caring, and educational environment they were looking for. They were stunned at the low quality they found everywhere and realized that they could do much a much better job for their son and for the many children who deserved a unique daycare experience. Nicknamed "Short Stuff," Jared inspired the school's name and was in its very first class. Short Stuff's owners understood the challenges, expectations, and needs of working parents, and they developed a school to meet those needs.

While Jared was the first family member to attend Short Stuff, he wasn't the last. Five grandchildren have attended, the youngest of whom is currently in kindergarten with Miss Tara.

Short Stuff's director, Denise Leon, has been with Short Stuff since the very beginning. "With over 29 years’ experience, I know that child care is my passion, and I have committed myself and my career to the child care industry," she says. "I love the time I spend with children, families, and my staff. I look forward to the opportunity of building a great rapport with your family too!”

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