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Enriching Preschool Programs

Short Stuff creates a balance between academic instruction and play, encouraging academic success while fostering an environment where kids can be kids. Our school years begin in September, and the curriculums have been enhanced with creative arts, science, literature and reading readiness. Allowing children to experiment with colors and textures helps them to develop a sense of self and reinforces the importance of imagination and creativity. Science activities that explore the way things work will allow children to make sense of the world around them and help to develop their grasp of common knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Presenting opportunities without pressure makes a significant difference in a child's confidence level and opens the door to discovering where that child's true interests lie. Short Stuff teachers are dedicated to guiding their students along that path of discovery.

Free play is a supervised free-time period conducted outdoors or indoors during inclement weather. During this unstructured segment of the day, situations will be presented to encourage development of large muscle coordination, strength and balance, and social play.


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